The REAL reason the CAQ won

Most of the pundits were dead wrong blathering on about weather, ground game, the storied history of the Liberal Party and all this business being too close to call.

What utter nonsense.

Keep in mind that many of these pundits are the same ones who have attempted to peddle the drivel about the PQ having lost the last election  because Quebecers were upset by the Charter.


The PQ did not lose the last election because the charter was unpopular. The charter and what it stands for remains popular in Quebec to this day. The PQ lost the last time because PKP punched his fist into the air saying he got into politics to have a country for his children.

That sent the population stampeding back to the Liberals. That was the last time. But what happened on Monday?

Francois Legault promised what one might call Charter  2.0. He promised religious neutrality. He promised to limit immigration to 40,000 a year instead of 50,000.

That was but a sample of what a huge swatch of the population wanted to hear. Many francophones were fed up with being dubbed racist for even bringing up the subject of immigration. They were fed up of being lectured to and Francois Legault picked up on that frustration.

Philippe Couillard always answered questions by quoting statistics. Always a bad move. Legault was smarter. He appealed to emotion.

And contrary to what the Gaz thinks, Francois Legault did not become Premier despite his position on immigration. He won a landslide because of it.

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  1. Lana Major

    Great insight as usual Should we be worried about our future in Canada?

    1. TalkRadioTommy

      Thank you Colleen

    2. TalkRadioTommy

      No need to worry Lana

  2. Colleen Pearce

    Ditto….thanks for your opinion….much appreciated to hear from someone
    who has an inside track…..

  3. Ajay Pangarkar

    I said the exact same thing to some friends. You are correct that this is Charter 2.0. And, there remains latent, unacknowledged racism among Quebec Francos. I know. As a product of and Allo father and a Franco mother I’ve experienced all of my life within my mom’s side of the family e.g. “you’re not a full Quebecois…”. Even through the election I saw what my regional cousins were posting on FB about immigrants and their freedom of beliefs — that they should…”be more like us” comments. There are 2 worlds in Qc, Tommy, the Montreal reality and the regional, backwoods mentality. We’re not far from the US is we’re honest…just in a different language.

    1. TalkRadioTommy

      Excellent points, Ajay.

  4. Dana Bell

    Also I am not sure but I think over 30% of people didn’t even bother to vote…Now the PQ wants a recount…I tell you living in Quebec is not for the faint of heart.

    1. TalkRadioTommy

      PQ only asking for recount in one riding. That will change nothing either way.

  5. Reesa Barr

    Touché Tommy!

    1. TalkRadioTommy

      Thank you Reesa

  6. Marielle

    I agree with you Dana Bell I worked on monday there was 8 tables in my poling station and the whole day we had a hundred and ninety seven voters show up to votes we had three hundred and ninety voters listed we were very supprised so many did not show up.

  7. Jamie Gilcig

    You pretty much hit it on the nail Tommy. Quebec has always been more emotional than rational.

    1. TalkRadioTommy

      Thank you Jamie

  8. Rhona Levitan

    I think once Mr. Legault dropped separation from his platform he became an acceptable option

    1. TalkRadioTommy

      Very true

  9. Doriana

    Hi Tommy,
    Can you please elaborate on why we should not be worried about remaining in Canada with this new government? 4 years with a xenophobic government is worrying me! Thanking you in advance

    1. TalkRadioTommy

      Will cover that in a future post Doriana

  10. Bonnie Wurst

    Rigt on line with what I was thinking… you said it well, thank you – and ‘hats off’ to you!

    1. TalkRadioTommy

      Thank you Bonnie

  11. Cora

    Yep – right on the money!

    1. TalkRadioTommy

      Hey Cora! Thank you. Howzit going with the new gig?

  12. Tony

    I wish you were wrong about this because it says a lot about the people of Quebec if they voted for someone simply because he would limit immigration. Very sad!!

    1. TalkRadioTommy

      Thanks Tony

  13. Christine Dandurand

    Am I signing up for your newsletter?

    1. TalkRadioTommy

      Hi Christine

      I do not have a newsletter but maybe I should have one.

  14. ALF

    You are so right!

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