Portions of the memoir Makeup Tips from Auschwitz. How Vanity Saved My Mother’s Life were posted on Facebook last summer.  Here is a selection of  the comments received in the first three weeks.  
I am delighted to announce that the memoir is now available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.ca/Makeup-Tips-Auschwitz-Vanity-Mothers/dp/0228805155/
absolutely perfect in every way… you’re the real thing
Abigail Thomas
author of six books including A Threre Dog Life which was named of the best books of 2006 by the LA Times and the Washington Post.
can’t wait to read the whole book!!!
Anna Porter
former publisher and author of Kasztner’s Train
Compelling, masterfully written and… true. A can’t be beaten combo
Caroline Van Vlaardingen
reporter, anchor and producer at CTV news
I can’t stop reading these, After only eight, it’s a daily fix. Thank you for sharing. What a life
Karen Macdonald
Manager at Global TV
Holy shit
Glen Barkwith
You’ve got me hooked
Marie-claire De Wallens
I am in …hook line and sinker
Rhonda Buckland
gripping, witty and an easy read
Rabbi Ronnie Fine
what a great read
Zina Suissa
I’m hooked. I need more.
Joyce Pillarella
so well written…I am starving for more
Joel Salzman
I love how you write, like you are standing next to me and we are having this amazing conversation.
April Peters
couldn’t put it down…do you mind if I share it with my FB friends – I am sure many of them would enjoy it as much as I did.
Joanne Durocher Norchet
I’m hooked…I can’t wait for next instalment.
Cindy Hershon
the rich threads that bind a mother’s and son’s relationship are so unique. You’re bringing to mind my own threads. Thank you.
Deborah Forian
keep it coming. I’m loving it.
Barbara Crossgrove
your talent as a storyteller is prodigious
Margaret Lefebvre
your story is also my story and the story of so many refugees who came to Canada after WWII. Looking forward to next piece.
Fran Tabak
it just gets better, funny but sad – a lot uplifting
Roza David
I am going to order an oxygen tank because your witty, gifted way with words leaves me breathless.
Gail Gore
can’t wait for the book
Steve Cowley
I try to save up the pieces so I can linger longer.
Janis Kirshner
Page turner
JJ Schneiderman
already reading like the story where I just can’t put the book down
Faigy Fudeam
very enjoyable reading and poignant
Brian Steinberg
Engrossing. That’s all any author needs to hear.
Ted Lazarus
I’m hooked amazing.
Tom Mouhteros
Love it. Can’t wait for your next episode. I am hooked.
Marie Lavoie
it’s a bestseller in the making.
Monica Wagner
Can’t wait for more.
Debbie McCann
Omggggg….gotta go now to read the 2nd part…can’t wait!!!!
Donna L Mundey
Brought a tear to my eye
Brenda Charbonneau
Hooked from Israel and I can’t wait for tomorrow.
Joy Frankiel
thanks for making me well-up before 11am
Janie Kirshner
MORE MORE. I want MORE please.
Lana Major
it’s a page turner
Morris Eigner
absolutely wonderful. Your pace is perfect and your descriptions really bring me there.
Rhonda Buckland
oh Tommy you made me cry
Barbara Levine
Before I go to the computer to read your story, I get some tissues which I always seem to need…thanks for the beautiful read.
Cyl Kotler
have you ever thought of putting all this into a musical?
Thomas Spiegler
emailing it to a half a dozen non-FB friends
Chaya Eigner
I am hooked
Susan Reynolds
can’t wait to read more
Suzie Doupovec Schwartz
want more cannot wait
Barbara Levine
This is terrific, I kept scrolling and scrolling down hoping for more. I’m hooked.
Louise Lariviere-Sanchez
you can make a believer of anyone. Can’t wait for more….my heart skipped a beat…very touching.
Maury Bowen
masterful storytelling
Lori Benedik
You definitely know how to tell the tale
Francesca Pitruzzello
You definitely have a way with words. I am totally impressed with your commitment to produce a new short story every morning….after reading episode #1 writing that book is your destiny. Bravo!
Nancy Williams
I am totally hooked. Cannot wait for tomorrow. So personal but so universal – that makes it great.
April Peters
wonderful eloquence made my eyes well up
Franco Piccolo
I can say, without hesitation that this is a book I will need to own. Your talent, your story and your sense of style are inspirational. Thank you for gifting us with this treasure- I look forward to every day’s instalment with profound anticipation.
Lissa Albert
I’m thinking maybe I should save these up and then binge-read…one day is too long to wait to get to read the next two pages!!!
Dee Morris
you Paris, your Mom and a couple of dogs…what a cast of characters.
Peter Harding
Great story telling talent
Carlo Essagian
Brigitte Weil and Gloria Bass
makes you want to keep reading
Linda Maislin
smart as it is suspenseful
Marcelline Selman
you had me at “Darn.”
Mark R. M. Corcoran
my goodness I really enjoyed that. Poignant and entertaining. That is difficult to achieve.
Arthur Goldsmith
Humour and sadness, like caramel-salt candies, inherently Jewish! Yet, a universal read. Bravo! Good luck on this journey! Cannot wait!
David Shimansky
OK I’m sold when is book coming out? Superb reading!
Trish Bengualid
You should put this into a memoir…I would love to be able to buy a printed version as well.
Beverly Young Rodrigue
I thought I was going to get through without tearing up. Nope.
Patty Smyth
Oh I am so enjoying reading your stories. Can’t wait for the next one.
Anna M. Dimilo
wonderful storytelling
Katy Macandrew from Ireland
the way you write I can feel your emotions and understand the struggles
Wanda Wiseman
I look forward to spending time with you on a daily basis.
Louise Salhany
pinball game writing: exciting, chaotic, unpredictable. Fun. A-1 character description.
Alana Ronald