Memoir Update August 3 2018

My memoir, Make-up Tips from Auschwitz. How Vanity Saved My Mother’s Life, should be completed by the end of the year.

As you know, I am no longer posting the pieces on a daily basis, but I am continuing to work on it to make sure you will have it available as a printed book, an audiobook and on Kindle by the end of the year.

Several of the pieces dealing with my mother’s experiences during the entire year that she spent in Auschwitz are proving very difficult to do.

Writing as a child of Holocaust survivors does bring with it a sense of triumph over adversity but the material can also bring with it considerable anguish and anxiety. It’s not easy to do.

Much of the work still to be come involves processing the horrors  of the Holocaust as a young child and revisiting them as a young adult.

Do Holocaust experiences impact the way parents raise their children? They sure do. The Holocaust also has an impact on the children of survivors who have much more in common with one another than they might imagine.

No matter what anyone tells you, children of Holocaust survivors do not see the world the same way as children of parents who have not gone through such unspeakable trauma.

Not all of the rest of the material in my memoir will be amusing.  Much of the pieces still to come will be controversial and to some extent disturbing but I sincerely hope this memoir will be worth your while to read. I know that it contains stories that should never be forgotten.

I wish to thank you all again for reading the 30 pieces that have been posted so far. Many of you are continuing to share them  with friends and relatives in other countries. That is very much appreciated.

If you missed any of the 30 pieces, you will find all of them posted here on the website. If you feel there are some specific issues you wish me to explore, now is the time to let me know. Just contact me right here via email.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your memoirs. Your relationship with your parents and sister was and is truly special. I look forward to reading the rest of your book. Thank you for sharing your writing with us through Facebook and your blog.

    1. Thank you Oksana

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