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MEMOIR UPDATE: There is no question that the pace of producing a daily piece for my memoir Make-up Tips from Auschwitz. How Vanity Saved My Mother’s Life has been grueling. I have been at it since the beginning of June and I must tell you I have enjoyed every minute of doing it. Sharing my stories with you has been most gratifying.



The folks at Google tell me that my new website has logged 6,329 sessions with close to 17,000 page views. I am flattered that so many of you have made a point of sharing the pieces with family and friends around the world.

As of this morning, the international tally looks like this:

Canada 5794
US 390
UK 37
Israel 31
Italy 18
Switzerland 15
Peru 11
Philippines 6
Mexico 5
Australia 4

I was thrilled that Italy made the top 5 but I confess I was a tad disappointed that Hungary has yet to crack the Top 10.

As for the latest developments on the memoir itself, you can count on Piece #29 to be posted by noon today on Facebook as well as on my website.

Piece #30 will be posted tomorrow but that’s it for now. No more daily posts after that.

The next step will be publishing the book that will have much more additional material and countless other stories about everything from Mom’s life in Hungary and her experiences in Auschwitz to my career in Montreal media and my family’s life here in Canada.

Believe me, I have not yet even scraped the surface of what I plan to write.

Being held to account to write a piece every weekday was exactly what I needed to get the project off the ground. And for that I am eternally grateful to you. I certainly could not have come this far without your enthusiastic support.

In addition to the book to be published in hardcover and softcover as well as on Kindle, I will also be recording an audio version.

PODCASTS: @Avi Finegold, the hippest rabbi in North America will be my co-host for a new podcast called Spirits and Spirituality which will make its international debut in September.

To be recorded live at the Jewish Museum on St. Lawrence Blvd. corner Duluth, the freewheeling discussion over cocktails will feature special guests both local and international.

I guarantee you that the podcast’s original musical theme whipped up by someone very well known will be a humdinger.

My deepest thanks to the Jewish Learning Lab for underwriting our first season. Also a tip of the hat to our gracious sponsor @Atelier Lou.


OTHER NEWS: Discussions continue on turning my memoir into a one man show which will have its world premiere in Montreal….I have already received several requests to do readings from the memoir in the Montreal area. I am in negotiations with a speaker’s bureau about doing a series of talks in the rest of the country and in the U.S.



Its first stellar event is now scheduled for early October to take place in one or two venues still to be confirmed. If you are interested in taking part as poet and/or performer, please submit a resume or basically tell me what exactly it is that you do that is most entertaining.

The theme for the first event will be the Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul.

If you are chosen to take part, you will receive an email with pertinent details from the Doge of the Montreal Poetry Brothel.

The lineup of poets, performers, psychics and dousers is yet to be determined.  However I have already agreed to serve as your humble emcee. The Madame of the brothel will be an old friend who I once dubbed Cha Cha Rodriguez when I was writing a gossip column for the Montreal Gazette in the last century.

Cha Cha, who served for many years as Madame Zubie’s legal guardian, is thrilled to be appointed as the Madame, According to eyewitnesses, she is as decadent and as temperamental as ever but she assures me that if she is served a well-made Paris-Brest pastry or two, she will be ready for her close-up on opening night.

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