June 28 2018

I have been working on this memoir now for almost four weeks and enjoying every minute of it. Thanks to you and to all the people with whom you have been sharing the pieces, it has been growing organically.

A well-known theatre director has already approached me with the possibility of turning it all into a one-man play!

I am writing you this note because I also want to let you know in advance that I am about to take a short break.

Since so many of you have indicated how much you are enjoying each episode, I did not want to just suddenly stop posting. That is why I’m providing you with some advance notice.

Not to worry. There will still be another piece up tomorrow, but then there will indeed be a short hiatus. I plan to once again post new pieces on Facebook every weekday by noon starting July 16.

There are many remarkable stories still to come. Some will be amusing and entertaining but I warn you in advance that later on some of the stories might prove disturbing.  There is a reason the memoir is called Make-up Tips from Auschwitz, How Vanity Saved My Mother’s Life.

Later on, I will share the stories my remarkable mother told me about her experience on a crowded cattle car hurtling towards Auschwitz. She told me all about Dr. Josef Mengele, but I was particularly fascinated about the stories she shared with me about a beautiful woman who “looked like Ingrid Bergman,”

That woman turned out to be SS Oberaufseherin Irma Grese. Known as the Blonde Beast of Auschwitz, she was later hanged by the British for war crimes.

Life is story and I have many more stories to share. Many of you have told me that you or your friends have not been able to find some of the pieces. For those who may have missed any of what I have written so far, I have posted all the pieces to date on my new website – www.talkradiotommy.com

You can find all them all starting with the most recent one under the heading “What’s Tommy blogging about?”

While you’re perusing the website, you will also be able to find out about some of my upcoming projects including the Montreal Poetry Brothel.

Other developments: There will soon be a story on my memoir by Bill Brownstein in The Gazette and I will be interviewed live by CTV news anchor Mutsumi Takahashi on July 11.

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