Piece #30

Many people have asked me how I got involved with Chabad in the first place. It all started one morning more than a quarter of a century ago when I was quietly perusing the pages of the Montreal Gazette. I spotted an ad with a picture of a man in…

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Piece #29

The Montreal casino opened in the fall of 1993. How often did I go the first month the place was open? I am  ashamed to say I went thirty times. Yes, I went every single day, usually in the middle of the afternoon. On Fridays I would make a point…

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Latest memoir update

MEMOIR UPDATE: There is no question that the pace of producing a daily piece for my memoir Make-up Tips from Auschwitz. How Vanity Saved My Mother’s Life has been grueling. I have been at it since the beginning of June and I must tell you I have enjoyed every minute…

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Piece #28

When my dear father passed away, I still felt very connected to him because that chain of love simply cannot be broken. Nonetheless I deeply missed his physical presence. Since my father was an elderly Hungarian Holocaust survivor, divine providence provided me with an immediate surrogate. Mr. Rosler, who sat…

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Piece #27

While many baby boomers people remember where they were for the Kennedy assassination, I remember where I was during the Hungarian Revolution. Little Tomika was being let out of kindergarten class because his father had come by to pick him up early. You see, that’s what you do when a…

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Piece #26

The other kids in my neighborhood loved peanut butter and jam sandwiches and they just couldn’t wait for barbecues. Not me. As a kid I was a very picky eater. No matter what was on the menu at home, I steadfastly refused to eat anything except corn on the cob…

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Piece #25

Mom and I went to NYC on several occasions. She once allowed me a full 15 minutes to explore the New York Public Library as we walked down Fifth Avenue on the way to Lord & Taylor. On a subsequent visit when we upgraded from the National Hotel to the…

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Piece #24

One summer morning in 1959, Mom announced that we were going to see the Queen of England. “How are we going to get to England?” “We don’t have to go to England. She will be coming here today.” “The Queen of England is coming to our house?” “Of course not. …

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